Video Exemplars
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Video Exemplars

Video Exemplars

Here are Minneapolis Public School teachers demonstrating exemplars and best practices for using classroom technology: 

1. Interactive Whiteboard and Classroom Websites – Morgan Fierst, South High, Grades 9-12

2. Student Built Web Pages for History and 9th Grade Digme Program – Tom Lachermeier, Roosevelt High School 9th Grade

3. Project Based Learning Using iPads for Research – Maria Sngh, Pillsbury, 5th Grade

4. Interactiive Learning In and Out of the Classroom – Brian VanderHeul, Anthony Middle School, 6-8 grades

5. Online Professional Development, Bill Smith, Principal  -Southwest High School

6. Enhancing Learning Ojibwe and Online Tutorials – James Vukelich, Anishinabe School, Grades K-8

7. Project Based Learning – Using Technology for Research – Rachel Sebold and Sarah Page, Emersion Spanish Immersion School, 5thGrade

8. Personalized Learning with the iPad – Jerri Henderson, Anderson United, Middle School

9. Learning Spanish with Flip Cams and Imovie – Anne Marie Plante, South High, 9-12

10. Children’s Rights From a Global Perspective – Guillaume Paek, Anwatin, 7th Grade

11. Using Video for Authentic Assessment – Jason Jirsa, Northeast, 6-8 grades

12. Engaging the Elementary Learner with Technology – Jennifer Vailliancourt, Ramsey, 4th Grade

13. The Interactive Elementary Writing Classroom – Josh Bliss, Hale, 3rd Grade

14. Moodle in a One-to-One Classroom – Ben Knaus, Cityview, Grades 6-8

15. Clickers in the Elementary Music Classroom – Peter Hofmann, Burroughs, Grade 2

16. Interactive Math Classroom – Alison Rubin Forester, Barton, Grades 6-8

17. Technology Integration – Bill Smith – Principal Southwest High School

18. NetSmartz - Internet Safety - Deborah Smith, Jefferson, 4th Grade

19. iPads in the Geography Classroom - Ericka Skiba, Edison, 9th Grade