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Ipads in 6th Grade

Ipads in 6th Grade

Students at the New Ramsey Fine Arts School will be the beginning of a new school in Minneapolis Public Schools.  The plan is to begin school year 2012-13 with 6th grade students, 2013-2014 add another 6th grade class, and then in 2014-2015 add another 6th grade class.

In the first year of the school all teachers will be teaching with iPads and the students will be learning with iPads.  The goals of the 1:1 project will be to:

  • Enhance and accelerate learning
  • Leverage technology for individualizing instruction
  • Promote collaboration, increasing student engagement
  • Strengthen the 21st century skills necessary for future student success.

Having ubiquitous access to the Internet in all facets of learning will aid students in developing 21st century skills and engaging in a global communications as well as mastering digital citizenship.  Students will have increasing access to digital curriculum, in place of traditional print textbooks and classroom equipment such as graphing calculators. The opportunity to use 1:1 devices gives students access to anywhere, anytime learning – in classrooms, around the city, at home. It enables teachers to better deliver instruction at the student's pace.  With technology students do not all have to be doing the same thing at the same time.